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Izonai.com is a subsidiary of Obecks Integrated Services Ltd, which is present in China, Nigeria and India. The platform allows for multiple currency view, accept in local current and is designed to assist Africa's importers who are constantly seeking access to quality goods at a competitive price without so much hazel as they currently experiences.


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Our vision

Our Goals

The goal of IZONAI is to provide access to global manufacturers and suppliers from Asia, Europe and American companies. The unique features that distinguished IZONAI from other platforms is that we leverage on the experiences in International Trade Services which has been the core service that Obecks provides since 2008.


Our Service

We therefore do not provide you access to suppliers only rather we assist you in payment, collection and delivery to your destinations.

With a team of expert in software engineering, management and logistics services IZONAI is well positioned to offer customer experience as never before.

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